KIKUI SCISSORS・Co55-OS(5.5inch)/Co60-OS(6.0inch)/Co63-OS(6.3inch)/Co65-OS(6.5inch) Japanese Beauty & Barber Scissors

KIKUI SCISSORS・Co55-OS(5.5inch)/Co60-OS(6.0inch)/Co63-OS(6.3inch)/Co65-OS(6.5inch) Japanese Beauty & Barber Scissors

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The added hump ensures that your fingers always rest in a comfortable position.
This handle type combines features of the Level Set and Power Offset handles,
striking a balance between flexibility and stability.

Kikui has been making styling scissors for top stylists since 1953.
“Styling scissors are tools, and as such, they should be long-lasting and easy to use.”
With these words as our motto, we have pursued the crafting of scissors with great
cut as well as superior comfort and durability. We have manufactured products with
a refined design and long-lasting quality for over 60 years. Our hope is for our scissors
to be long-lasting tools that support the work of stylists around the world.
We wish for our customers not only to treasure our products, but to consider them
a partner in work. This spirit of craftsmanship is carefully built into each and every one
of Kikui Scissors’ products.

This cobalt alloy, which is made from approximately 70% of the rare metal cobalt,
never rusts and is highly resistant to wear. Taking notice of these qualities,
Kikui developed the world’s first cobalt alloy styling scissors. Today, our customers
appreciate this durability in addition to excellent cut quality, and we have developed
a variety of products to meet their diverse needs.

For over 40 years after Kikui Scissors first went on sale, our customers had recognized
the superb, elegant design of our products; we were formally recognized with the
Good Design Award, Japan’s foremost design award.

Product model number Co55-OS Co60-OS Co63-OS Co65-OS
Size 5.5inch 6.0inch 6.3inch 6.5inch
Full length(1) cm 16.5cm cm cm
Full length(2) 15.2cm 13.5cm 17.4cm cm
Blade lengt 6.7cm cm cm cm
Weight 47.0g g 54.0g g
Material All Cobalt alloy(70%)
Blade shape Convex Blade
Handle shape Offset Handle

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Country Made in Japan