Mork・NR(K-3)-55(5.5inch)/NR(K-3)-60(6.0inch)/NR(K-3)-65(6.5inch) Japanese Beauty & Barber Scissors

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Stainless Cut Scissors

NR(K-3)-55 (5.5inch)

NR(K-3)-60 (6.0inch)

NR(K-3)-65 (6.5inch)

Product model number NR(K-3)-55 NR(K-3)-60 NR(K-3)-65
Size 5.5inch 6.0inch 6.5inch
Full length(1) 16.0cm 17.0cm 18.0cm
Full length(2) cm cm cm
Blade lengt 6.0cm 7.0cm 8.0cm
Weight g g g
Material Stainless alloy
Blade shape Sword Blade
Handle shape K-3 Twist Pattern
Other Thin Adjustable Screw

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Country Made in Japan