TENYO・Grande(8.0inch)/Grande 85(8.5inch) Japanese Beauty & Barber Scissors

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Traditional techniques live.
By handmade of technology that tradition of Ten'yo 70 years is proud of, it was to allow the
best balance does not feel the delicate tone and size in large scissors. The flat blade (flat blade)
as it is the Tianyang continues Good, by using its own steel that has been carefully selected,
is a series that was realized supple and sharp sharpness.

Grande (8.0inch)

Grande 85 (8.5inch)

Product model number Grande Grande 85
Size 8.0inch 8.5inch
Full length(1) cm cm
Full length(2) 22.1cm 23.2cm
Blade length 11.4cm 12.2cm
Weight 90.0g 91.0g
Blade shape Flat Blade
Handle shape Offset Handle

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Country Made in Japan