Y.S.PARK・YS-SDL 5.5(5.5inch)/YS-SDL 6.0(6.0inch)/YS-SDL 6.5(6.5inch)/YS-SDL 7.0(7.0inch) Japanese Beauty & Barber Scissors

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The Mid-century's cutler "Damascus" is made from 16 laminated steel and integrally forged from the
handle to the cutting edge. There is less vibration when opening and closing for a flexible cutting style.

YS-SDL 5.5 (5.5inch)

YS-SDL 6.0 (6.0inch)

YS-SDL 6.5 (6.5inch)

YS-SDL 7.0 (7.0inch)

Product model number YS-SDL 5.5 YS-SDL 6.0 YS-SDL 6.5 YS-SDL 7.0
Size 5.5inch 6.0inch 6.5inch 7.0inch
Full length(1) cm cm cm cm
Full length(2) cm cm cm cm
Blade length cm cm cm cm
Weight g g g g
Material Damascus Steel
Blade shape Convex Blade
Handle shape Symmetric Handle
Other Bamboo Leaf Blade

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Country Made in Japan